When it comes to water well drilling services in Rockingham County, VA, we at Burning Well Drilling Inc., are among the best in the area. So we thought we would share some fascinating facts about water wells, the process of digging them and some other water well-related tidbits we found interesting.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates public drinking water systems, but they do not regulate privately owned wells. As such, those who have a private well should have their well water regularly tested to ensure there are no harmful toxins or contaminants and that the water is safe to drink.
All private wells use ground water, and more than 15 million households have private wells.
Polluted groundwater can cause problems like gastrointestinal illness and other sicknesses like that. This underscores the need to have regular water testing done to make sure no one in your home gets sick from contaminated well water.

There are three main types of water well drilling: dug, driven and drilled.
A dug well is hand-dug through soft soil to a shallow water table. A driven well is when a small diameter pipe is driven into soft earth and is usually only down when the water is not too far under the surface of the earth. A drilled well, like what we specialize in here at Hartmann Well Drilling, is when a well is drilled using a drill rig. We can go as far as 1,000 feet down into the earth’s surface.

Not just anyone can perform a professional water well drilling services in Rockingham, VA. You have to be trained on how to do this job, you have to have the right equipment to do this job and you have to have certain licenses in order to do this job legally.

About a quarter of all of the rain water that falls on the United States each year becomes groundwater.
Most wells will never run dry, and you can expect your well to last you for several decades at minimum.
The location of the water well drilling project is determined by a few different factors, and it takes a lot of expertise to determine where to drill.

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