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As well drilling experts, we wanted to share with you a few of the basics about well drilling and the types of wells.
There are three basic kinds of wells, and groundwater.org defines them as such:

  • Bored or shallow wells are usually bored into an unconfined water source, generally found at depths of 100 feet or less.
  • Consolidated or rock wells are drilled into a formation consisting entirely of a natural rock formation that contains no soil and does not collapse. Their average depth is about 250 feet.
  • Unconsolidated or sand wells are drilled into a formation consisting of soil, sand, gravel or clay material that collapses upon itself.”

Wells are constructed with numerous components, and here are the most essential parts of a well according to groundwater.org:

  • Casing creates a space for well water in the ground while preventing leaks from occurring.
  • Grout covers the areas outside of the well to prevent contaminants from entering in the well and contaminating the water.
  • Screens prevent hand and gravel from entering the water while allowing the water to enter the well. Screens act as a filter of sorts.
  • Gravel is placed around the well’s screen to keep sand and dirt from getting into the well.

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