Burner Well Drilling, INC in Rocky Mount, NC is the perfect place for all your well water needs.
If you have noticed a decline in the quality of your well water, it might be time
to consider a new water purification system. There are several ways to purify your
water, and Burner Well Drilling, INC can help you make the best decision for your
According to the CDC, there are two categories of water treatment systems, point of use
and point of entry. Point of use systems only treat the water that flows to one “point”
in the house, such as a single tap. Point of entry treats the water from the main
line before it enters your home, allowing water from all sources in your home to flow
purely. Once you have decided which type of purification system is right for you, it’s time
to choose the method.
One way to purify your well water is by water filtration. This is done with a device that
removes impurities from the water by way of a barrier. Water distillation boils the water, while
a separate container collects the steam. That steam will be free of any impurities that cannot
survive beyond the boiling point. The other common water purification system is disinfection,
which can be physical or chemical. This process kills pathogenic microorganisms with the use
of chlorine, a chemical disinfection, or by ultraviolet light for physical disinfection.
Whatever method of purification you choose, choose Burner Well Drilling, INC in Rocky Mount, NC
and see, taste, and smell the difference of purified water.