Burner Well Drilling, INC. is a company of well drilling specialists in Rockingham, VA. We offer fast, reliable drilling of water wells. We also provide water system engineering and pump installation. Our family-owned company is licensed, insured, and has been building dependable water systems for home, farm, industry and municipality since 1961. Whatever your water-supply need, we have the expertise and specialized expertise and specialized equipment to meet it promptly and effectively.
Along with providing our well-drilling services, we also have a large inventory of irrigation pipe in stock. Here a quick tutorial from irrigationtutorials.com about the different types of irrigation pipe:

  • Laterals are the type of pipe that connect your on/off valve to your sprinkler heads. You bury these pipes about 10 feet deep into the ground.
  • Irrigation pipe is either made with PVC or Poly Tube. PVC pipe, or polyvinyl chloride pipe, is a type of plastic that is usually white or grey and has little flexibility. While poly tube, or Polyethylene tube, is usually a black pipe with some flexibility to it.
  • PVC pipe is best for areas that have warmer winters, while Poly Tube works best in areas where there are cold winters.
  • Each type of tube is given a pressure rating to let you know the maximum amount of surge pressure possible. Most professionals recommend that you buy pipe that can handle twice the normal pressure used in the system.

Whether you are looking for well drilling services, or irrigation system supplies, Burner Well Drilling, INC. in Rockingham County, VA, is a company that you can rely on.