Have you ever wondered how a water well is created? Technology has changed the way wells are dug today. From hand digging into the first layer of the water table to driving spikes through the soft earth, many tactics have been used to access clean, abundant water for thousands of years.
How is a well drilled?
Machines and hydraulic systems have made our lives easier in all industries, and water well drilling is no exception. Trucks equipped with large drilling mechanisms are today’s standard for tapping the water trapped below Earth’s surface. These large, powerful machines are capable of reaching water at depths of more than 1000 feet, through hard rock sediment. Different drilling methods are used depending on the depth needed to reach, and the type of sediment covering the water.
Here are three common methods

  • Rotary – a rotary bit grinds through the tough sediment, using fluid to help ease the process and funnel the broken sediment to the surface
  • Percussion – drilling of this nature is similar to spiking. The bit pounds at the sediment, smashing through to the lower layers. This is a slower method, but is much more capable of penetrating through tough rock
  • Auger – typically used for soft earth, an auger is a giant bit similar to the type used in your household drill

What Happens After a Well is Drilled?
A casing must be placed in the drilled hole to prevent contamination and collapsing of the walls of the well. The casing is then secured in place with either clay or cement. Depending if the well is pressurized, the casing may have a pump system to draw water from the aquifer. Screens will filter out sediment as water rises to the surface.
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