Burner Well Drilling, INC. is a company of well drilling specialists in Rockingham County, VA. We offer fast, reliable drilling of water wells. We also provide water system engineering and pump installation.
Our family-owned company is licensed, insured, and has been building dependable water systems for home, farm, industry and municipality since 1961. Whatever your water-supply need, we have the specialized expertise and specialized equipment to meet it promptly and effectively.
When it comes to well water, not all water is the same. Some wells contain hard water, which means the water has a high mineral count. This high mineral count can lead to a number of issues with your well, and if you begin to notice any of these signs, you should contact a well drilling professional to have your water tested.
One sign of hard well water is an unusual taste or smell in your water. The smell and taste can vary depending on the mineral that is present in your water. For example, water that has a metallic taste could mean that you have too much iron in your water.
Another sign of hard water is the stains that it leaves behind. Hard water will often leave orange, rust colored stains in your toilet bowl and soap scum and water spots in your sink and shower.
Other signs of hard water are skin irritation, trouble cleaning your laundry, pipes that continue to get clogged, and changes in your hair.
If you do find out that you have hard water, a well drilling professional can add water softener to your well to resolve the issue. So, don’t put off calling to have your water tested.
For all of your well drilling needs in Rockingham County, VA, give us a call at Burner Well Drilling, INC. For more information on hard well water, visit Water Right Group’s website.