As well drilling pros in Rockingham County, VA, we get a lot of questions about necessary well maintenance. With our decades of experience, we’ve picked a couple tips and tricks over the years. With that in mind, here are smart well maintenance hacks.

1. Don’t Try to Service Your Own Well

As tempting as it can be to do it yourself, always make sure to consult a professional. You could be making your problem even worse. Qualified professional water well system contractors use specialized equipment, materials, and techniques to keep well systems operational and water supplies safe. In addition, if you aren’t following the right procedures, you could unwittingly introduce bacterial or other contamination into the well. There’s also the potential for dropping objects into the well, getting the pump stuck in an effort to replace it, or even electrocution when working with submersible pumps. It’s always best to contact a qualified professional water well drilling expert in Rockingham County, VA.

2.Put Preventative Maintenance on Your Calendar

It’s always a good idea to pencil in an annual well maintenance check, including a bacterial test, into your budget. Any source of drinking water should be checked any time there is a change in taste, odor or appearance, or anytime a water supply system is serviced. In addition, periodically check the well cover or well cap on top of the casing to ensure it is in good repair. That way you don’t have any surprise disasters.

3. Get Well Drilling Professionals in Rockingham County, VA

When your well needs service, make the effort to find a qualified water well drilling contractor in Rockingham County, VA. We offer fast, reliable drilling of water wells. We also provide water system engineering and pump installation. Our family-owned company is licensed, insured, and has been building dependable water systems for home, farm, industry and municipality since 1961. Whatever your water-supply need, we have the expertise and specialized expertise and specialized equipment to meet it promptly and effectively. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.